COVID-19 and Preschool

Hello all!

We have been hard at work preparing for this next school year and navigating the many changes needed. We want to let you all know about the progress and decisions we have come to at this point.

With excited hearts we are announcing:


First Days of school will be the week of Oct 5th!

With that excitement we know many of you will have worries about the safety of your little ones and we want to assure you we are doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety.

We have made changes to class sizes, class schedules and how many classes we are providing.

* Class sizes are now limited to 15 enrolled children.

*We have eliminated Green class.

*We have changed Purple class. Purple will now be Thursdays and Fridays 12:15-2:30pm. Purple class will be open to 4-5yo and will follow the curriculum of Red class.

We are a closed campus.

*The door to preschool will be locked from the outside. There can be no siblings at school. There can be no entering the building unless you are a working parent, Executive Board Member or Mrs Brown.

*There will be some accommodating on Special Days to allow both parents to participate.

We are adding many hightened cleaning measures, limiting and removing some play areas, toys, etc.

*Room 3 will no longer be available to students to play. This is the office only with space for a little one to wait for a parent to pick up if they’ve fallen ill.

*Dress up is no longer available.

*Each class will have their own Mrs Brown made play-doh and each child will have their own doh in a ziplock with their name on it to limit touch/germ spread.

*There will be strict sanitizing measures taking place between classes, Mrs Brown will be changing clothes between classes, there will be sanitizer and wash buckets in classes for the parents and students to use between activities.

*Windows will be open periodically throughout class time.

*Outside time is going to be longer than we have had in the past.

*Snack time : we will be washing hands before and after snack, each child will have their own plate of food in order to eliminate the sharing bowls, etc.

!!We are still working weekly at school to remove actual toys that cannot be played with or sanitized. This will be completed in the coming weeks.!!

We are no longer using church spaces.

*The church library and bathrooms will no longer be used. The bathroom in room 4 is still available and will be cleaned after each use.

We are requiring all working parents to wear face masks.

*No face shields

*Children are not required to wear masks, but can should you choose that it be necessary for your family.

There is now a screening process at drop off.

*There will be no entering the building until you have been through the screening process by your class chair or Mrs Brown.

*The 3 working parents will park out front of the church/school. To the left, opposite side of lot from the basketball court. Please walk around to the patio and door where either the class chair or Mrs Brown can help you with the screening process.

*Drop Off : All parents dropping off will park in one of the designated parking spots at the back of the church. Your class chair will meet you at your car to go over a series of questions and take your temperature as well as your little one. Once cleared you will line up on the side walk with your little one and wait to hand off to Mrs Brown who will be waiting at the door with smiles, sanitizer and a series of greeting options

*Pick Up : Please pull into one of the designated parking spots and wait for one of the working parents to bring your little one out to you at your car.

***Blue Class drop off will look different as every parent stays for class.***


This is a working model as CDC/State requirements are changing consistently.


If you haven’t yet filled out the survey sent out on Aug 4th please do so

We still have room in Red, Blue and Purple classes if you or anyone you know would like to enroll!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or any of the board members.

As always, stay tuned for more updates and communication as we get ready to tackle the 2020-2021 school year!